Don’t make a mistake!

Werecommend to startskiinglessonswhen a childisatleast4 yearsold,ifhe haswelldevelopedmotoricskills.

Beforetakingthefirstlesson, itisrecommended to let yourchild justwalk in buckledskiboots, atfirst on a non-slipperysurface, later on thesnow (pleasehave in mindthatuntilnow, yourchildwalkedonly in soft shoes, and suddenlyhe has skiboots onhisfeet). Ifthechildis OK withtheskibootsforatleastonehour (playing on thesnow, sledding), youcantrytheskis on.

Withtheskis, thechildneeds to learn to slide on a flatsurfaceatfirst (untilthis moment, yourchildwasonlywalking, and so henaturallytends to make a walkingmovementalsonow), ideally on a carpet (so thathislegsdon‘tslipsideways.)

Teachhimthesame on thesnow. A ski pole mightbehelpful: let thechildstraddle on a pole and pullhimalongasifriding on a lift; thechildgetsa feelingofsliding on a flatsurface…

Makesureabouttheappropriatebootsize and lengthofskis (up to thechinlevel in caseofbeginners). Itisnotpossible to teachskiingif a child has twosizebiggerboots or shortskis. Itwouldbe awasteofyourmoney…

Do notuseanyropes, skiingharnesses, etc. Yourchild has to learnhow to standupright on hisownfromthebeginning, itistheonlyway to keepbalance, and the centre ofgravity in thecorrectplace.

Do not letyourkidsuseskipoles, theywill do without.


Walking in skiboots and gettingfamiliarwiththem, athome, later on thesnow.

Alternateslidingmovementwithskis on kid’sfeet, atfirst on a carpet and then on thesnow.

Sliding on thesnowwithskis on kid’sfeet,legs areshoulderwidthapart, pullthechildstraddling on a ski polethatsupportshimfrombehind (thechildisstandingupright).

Stand on a flatsurface and lift atfirstonlya tailoftheski (whileski tip istouchingtheground/snow), later lift thewholeski (veryimportant, ithelpsyourchild to learnhowto shiftweightontothestandingfoot, whichis a foundationforlearningskiing).

In caseyourchilddisplayssignsofdiscontentaboutanyoftheactivities, do notcontinuewiththisactivity.

Never forceyourchild to continueskiingpractice, ifhedoesn‘twant to. Itmayresult in a disliketowardsskiing and thechildmightnotwant to skianymore.